Stage 1: Emerald Forest Edit

Part 1: Emerald Forest Act 1

Part 2: Emerald Forest Act 2

Boss: Egg Walker

Emerald #1: Green

Stage 2: Egg Factory Edit

Part 1: Egg Factory Act 1

Part 2: Egg Factory Act 2

Boss: Egg Convey

Emerald #2: Red

Stage 3: Frosty ValleyEdit

Part 1: Frosty Valley Act 1

Part 2 Frosty Valley Act 2

Boss: Egg Smasher

Emerald #3: Blue

Stage 4: Roulette Palace Edit

Part 1: Roulette Palace Act 1

Part 2: Roulette Palace Act 2

Boss: Egg Bomber

Emerald #4: Yellow

Stage 5: Desert Ruins Edit

Part 1: Desert Ruins Act 1

Part 2: Desert Ruins Act 2

Boss: Ruins Escape

Emerald #5: Azure

Stage 6: Sky Sanctuary Edit

Part 1/2: Sky Sancturary

Boss: Mecha Sonic

Emerald #6: Purple

Stage 7: Final Zone Edit

Part 1: Final Zone Act 1

Part 2: Final Zone Act 2

Boss: Final Boss

Emerald #7: Silver

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